While mountain boarding, kite surfing and skydiving are not for everyone, for every hang gliding professional, there seems to be that one volcano surfing hero. Here is a look at the top five crazy extreme sports that you can actually participate in – if you have the heart. 1. Volcano Boarding: Hold your breath and imagine yourself taking to a 2,380-foot volcano. As you go down, you achieve speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour on the Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicaragua. 2. Extreme Ironing: Combine the dullest household chore with one of the most exciting sports in the world. What you have is you ironing on a kayak. This sport has actually had its own championship tournament. 3. Cheese Rolling: Do not play with your food. But in this case, it seems fun to have hundreds of people falling fumbling down hills as they chase cheese. This is a tradition that goes back several years and was once banned due to the serious injuries some of the participants acquired. 4. Extreme Ladder Climbing: Now it seems like every normal activity can be turned into an extreme sport. Well, if you or your neighbour is into this sport, you would surely be handy in bringing down the cat stuck up a tree, and fast. 5. Sepak Takraw: At first glance, this sport looks similar to volleyball. However, participants are not allowed to use their hands. It earns a spot on the crazy extreme sports list because a player only uses their head, chest, knee and feet to touch the ball, which requires incredible athleticism. Although by no means complete, this list may inspire you to do something crazy. If cost is the only thing holding you back from trying a sport, then consider a loan from ferratum.co.uk.

Crazy extreme sports

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