Winter season is very beautiful. There are so many things beautiful in winter: the snow, the Christmas, the New Year’s Eve. Extreme winter sports are the best part of this season. Snowkiting is one of the most beautiful winter sports; this can be sometimes dangerous, but also nice because it does not require the extreme terrain a lot of winter sports demand. Ice Yachting is also very exciting; this is exactly what you would expect to hear: a sailboat used for any solidified body of water. This is really awesome, like surfing in the summer. Ice Climbing is absolutely the most dangerous one; you have to climb up on the frozen mountains, and one mistake is enough to make big problems. Also, you could avoid all the risks and just play just play ‘Steep’, the winter extreme sports video game. You have so many choices to do, but of course, all of this involves regular training. However, if you start loving extreme winter sports, your winters will be different.

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