How we all envy those people who soar in the skies, catching those steady thermals with their paragliding passion. Paragliding tips will prepare you for the thrill of taking off from a high mountain and gliding for hours above the clouds. Adventurers who paraglide in the UK will tell you that the Yorkshire Dales provide some of the best paragliding sites in the UK. Paragliding tips always include advice on carefully selecting areas which offer high levels of safety and accessibility. One of the best bits of advice or tips you can take note of as a beginner is to find a reputable paragliding school – one who adheres to the BHPA or British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Syllabus. It’s for your own safety to adhere to beginner tips for paragliding, and an accredited school will know when it’s safe to fly in unpredictable weather. Do the sensible thing and make sure paragliding remains the fun, safe sport or hobby you want it to be.

Safe Paragliding tips

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