Skydivers, mountain climbers, BMX riders, paragliders – extreme sports require abnormal physical abilities and skills. These adventure sports involve massive speeds and exertion, and sometimes for that, participants face danger and injury. Insurance cover when participating in extreme sports is imperative, and you need to know that Your EHIC won’t cover your extreme sport addiction on holiday. Insurance experts tell us your EHIC provides cover for non-private medical care, and that a good travel insurance policy and EHIC go hand in hand. Insurance cover when participating in extreme sports is necessary if you want to be carefree when falling from the sky or scaling the highest mountain. With research, you will find that some reputable insurers allow you to buy this add-on insurance 24/7 and conveniently online. They specialise in extreme sports and adventure sports, whether you’re at home or abroad because they know that this riveting extreme sports addiction comes with a high-risk and high price tag. Ensure that you are adequately covered before you undertake any extreme sports because you never know when something could go wrong.

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