Many of us wish we had the nerves of steel that some extreme athletes have. They have some amazing characteristics that enable them to push their bodies to the ultimate limit. Extreme athletes you need to know about are those that you can safely call a different breed, and the UK has quite a few of them. One or two famous UK action sport athletes are Lizzy Hawker and Christine Wellington, two very impressive athletes and ladies at that! Amazing – isn’t it? Lizzy Hawker is an ultra-distance endurance runner who not only holds the world record for running all the way from the base camp at Everest to Kathmandu in Nepal; she has broken many world records too. Christine Wellington is a professional triathlete and has won the Ironman Triathlon World Championship 4 times. As famous UK action sport athletes, they have shown the world what discipline, determination, and persistence can do, and that what you can imagine, you can be.

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