People who engage in extreme sports such as skydiving and mountain climbing are often referred to as adrenaline junkies. These people push their bodies to the limit as they pursue such sports. So, do extreme sports and mental health go hand in hand? Of course, they do. Extreme sports are good for your mental health. As you are about to take part in an extreme sport such as skydiving and bungee jumping, you must carefully weigh the consequences and repercussions should anything go wrong. Extreme sports can get fatal and may result in death should anything go wrong. The ability to analyse a risky situation and understanding the minute details that have to be adhered to for you to pull off an extreme sport shows that extreme sports and mental health go hand in hand. They build your reasoning and understanding of your abilities and limits. In as much as this is the case, always ensure that you are clad in appropriate safety gear for you to be on the safe side of a fall.

Extreme sports and mental health

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