The number of adrenaline junkies appears to be increasing every day and alongside this a growing love for action sports. These sports activities are normally considered dangerous for the average person. Action-sports lovers consider it a lifestyle, they live, eat, and breathe their sport of choice. There are many different types of action-sports; mountain boarding, kite surfing, paragliding, zorbing, knee boarding, and slack lining, to name a few. It is often asked what defines an action-sport? Action-sports have two major characteristics, firstly they must attract a certain element of danger and secondly, the participant must possess a certain level of skill. However, what defines an action-sport is very debatable because some of the known action-sports do not possess all the characteristics. Action-sports are fast and sometimes done in very rough terrains, and it is sometimes very difficult to capture the moments, either by a camera, or video during these activities. However, thanks to new technology, the new trend is to Use a drone to capture your action sport adventures. Due to the fast-paced nature of all these sports, drones mounted with high-resolution cameras are definitely your best bet for those great photos and videos.

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