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Action sports in the UK

Extreme sports in the UK are those sports that considered challenging and risky. They generally involve putting the body to test for high speed and high altitudes. These sports have been followed by only a minor percentage of the population, but of late their popularity is increasing. The intensity of adventure sports is drawing more people towards it. They can be fairly easy like hot air balloon flights to extremely challenging like mountaineering. This is the subject matter of this blog. The blog will introduce the following adventures sports categories. (1) Flying – This includes balloon flights, paragliding and flying a light one engine aircraft. Bungee jumping is also flying without wings. (2) Moving through Hilly Terrain – Climbing, trekking, skiing and camping are the sports which are done on hilly terrain. (3) Water sports – River rafting, speed boating and surfing are some of the adventure sports in water. There are much more like mountain biking, car rallies etc that we will be taking a look at on the site. Watch this space for some exciting adventures and useful information about extreme sports in the UK.

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